Our mission

The story of EdcoMe started out in late 2016 from a Nepalese washroom. On the wall of the toilet stall, a campaign advertisement was showcasing that every fourth girl misses school due to menstruation in Nepal. After returning to Finland, Ronja Holopainen began thinking of solutions to the issue. As a result, the idea of a new type of reusable menstrual pad began to shape up. Through many stages, the pad has shaped itself into a functioning product.

The name EdcoMe comes from the combination of the two main products: EcoMe (Ecological Me), which is a reusable menstrual pad and EdMe (Educate Me) which is a free mobile application for Android users.

EdcoMe is a project aiming to provide information regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights as well as a concrete solution to the lack of sanitary towels. We are aiming to give people a wholesome view about menstruation through an informative app and booklet and a reusable menstrual pad. Our aim is to aid the ones who are in the largest need for menstrual hygiene products; namely women and girls living in rural areas in low-income countries. Due to this, one of our goals was to use long-lasting and affordable materials.

Together with each of our products, we include a booklet, which has the same informative content as the EdMe-app. The booklet includes information regarding topics such as menstruation, puberty, the EcoMe product and its caring.

Ronja, the founder and CEO of EdcoMe strives for a more equal future for all.