What is EcoMe?

EcoMe is a reusable menstrual pad, which is based on three central ideas: affordability, ecological respect and long-lasting use. It is created for girls and women all around the world. Created in Finland, EcoMe aims to step onto the world stage as a valid option for feminine hygiene products.

Why choose EcoMe?

Based on our research conducted in three Asian countries, many women prefer to use menstrual protection, which is outside the body. This is why EcoMe is a reusable option for those wishing to use a menstrual pad. Due to its long-lasting materials, the pad is an affordable option for women. EcoMe is a solution for areas, where waste disposal is non-existent and it also holds cultural sensitivity by being an outside-the-body product.

What is so special about EcoMe?

EcoMe combines the use of two materials; sea sponge and silicone. The menstrual pad case is made of medical grade silicone and within the case the sea sponge functions as an absorptive material. These materials have both been used as feminine hygiene product solutions, but never before have they been used together. EcoMe has been designed to be an outside-the-body product in order to be used by all women despite religion or belief.