EdcoMe is a Finnish-based non-profit company aiming to provide a broad solution to world-wide issue of menstruation. EdcoMe is based on two products: EcoMe and EdMe. Created by a young entrepreneur, EdcoMe is aiming to create impact around the globe.

Did you know that during her lifetime, an average woman uses over 11,000 disposable menstrual hygiene products?

EcoMe, a reusable menstrual pad, is a solution to the increasing amount of plastic waste menstruation causes. Through its ecological, affordable and culturally sensitive point of views it is suitable for both areas without waste disposal as well as for the ecological trendsetters. EcoMe aims to provide a solution for both women in developing as well as developed regions.

Education is the key to success

EdMe is a mobile application, which provides scientific knowledge about puberty, menstruation, contraception and other aspects of sexual health and rights. It has been created to spread knowledge and shed taboos, which are often present when discussing sexual and reproductive health and rights.